Armeena Rana Khan bashes all her Enemies and Has something to Tell


Earlier today, We discussed about all the Bullying that recently Pakistani Celebrity Armeena Rana Khan was facing, She has a lot to say for all those bullying her and Heres a Bang!

Armeena Rana Khan had to say that it all started when she started working in Pakistan and not to long into her career a mainstream director told her to go back home this was in Pakistan and was her first “Ever ever” experience of any kind of discrimination.

The celebrity also added “She never experienced all this in the West and we all know there is racism and discrimination here in Pakistan which she personally experienced”

She also had to say that since then she realised about all the racism and bullying, and started focusing on it and she noticed how there are so many whitening creams that culture functioned in a certain way and realised even when she was struggling with the whole Pakistani Media and circle and everything, She was trying to be someone she realised even then when there was a deep rooted problem with the colonel line set was still there the complex had never really left the subcontinent with the British “raage”.

Armeena Rana Khan Explained that when the whitening cream commercials started approaching, she started turning them down because she realised that she was absolutely no one to dictate or to tell them that your not good enough because the way she has been brought up she has seen nothing but a Quality, when it comes to colour, gender, age, opportunities you name it and everything.

Coming up to the case of her Fiance Fesl, Armeena Rana Khan had to say that she was extremely happy to share with the public but as everybody knowns that the news was surrounded by controversy and everything. A very popular page on facebook posted a picture of Armeena Rana Khan and her fiancé and she said that the comments were so WILD and she had never seen anything like that and they were calling him all sorts, Mr Bean, judging him on his skin colour, calling Him and her ugly. She added that she was being Bullied a lot on social media specially when she cut her hair.

The reason she was fighting for all this was not publicity, nor the money its not for anything, Infact its just to raise awareness because she realised there must be many others, who dont have a platform to speak and who dont know about voice and If she feels like this there must be many also who feel the same.

Fesl was being very good about all this, he never ever ever got any kind of racism in Britain Ever, despite there being so many problems between the community but luckily he never came across anything like that. He is a public figure here in Britain and has never experienced anything based on his skin colour, but to ridicule anybody on their skin colour i believe is totally wrong, Armeena Added

Armeena Said that in one of her comments she said that she will never win this war but you cannot win wars without battles, and i feel more battles are needed to be won. If i can change any bodies point of View then i consider my job DONE.